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Rage it Up: Make a Donation to the Cleveland Rage Room

Finish a garage sale and have leftover breakables? Doing some spring cleaning? Items just sitting in a closet or garage that you aren't using and would be fun to smash?

Donations can be dropped off during normal business hours!

We accept the following items:

  • glass items

  • plates

  • vases

  • mugs/cups

  • flat screen tvs

  • printers

  • ceramic items

  • DVD players

  • printers

  • laptops

  • VCRs

  • mirrors

  • old phones

  • tablets

  • coffee makers

  • small furniture items (chairs, side tables) - wood/metal

  • computers

  • monitors

** We cannot accept hazardous materials, explosives, box televisions/monitors, microwaves/ovens, and other large appliances**

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