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Reserve Your Rage Room or Splatter Paint Experience at the Cleveland Rage Room

The Cleveland Rage Room is the perfect place to let off some steam! We offer both reservation and walk-in options, although reservations are recommended. For our larger groups of 7 or more, please give us a call to make a reservation.


Rage Room Add-Ons

Flatscreen TV - $30+

Monitor - $25+

Liquor Bottles - $10+

Double Inventory - $15+

Printers/Copiers - $20+

Mirrors - $10+

Splatter Paint Add-Ons

Extra Paint - $5+

Glitter - $3+

Glitter Paint - $5+

Glow in the Dark paint - $5+

Tape - $1+

Stencils - $2+

**availability subject to change pending inventory**

Ask your Rage Associate for more information to add to your session in-store!

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