A husband and wife duo, Conner and Anibel Hamilton, are the owners of the Cleveland Rage Room. Conner is a born and raised Cleveland, TN native while Anibel originated in Louisville, KY but grew up in Naples, FL. As co-owners, they hope to implement an entertainment venue that not only offers family-friendly entertainment, but a space that focuses on positive mental health. Anibel, a mental health professional and entrepreneur, hopes to emphasize the importance of mental health and the positive release of rage in a controlled environment. As a real estate agent and business developer, Conner’s entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge spearheaded the direction of the development of Cleveland Rage Room. The idea came in May 2021 to open a rage room in Cleveland, TN and has now flourished to where it has come today.

We aspire to be an influential part of Cleveland's growing and bright future. It is our hopes that Cleveland Rage Room can help bring the community together to raise awareness of mental health, collaborate with local charitable organizations, and provide a fun and entertaining venue for all.

cleveland room rage pic.jpg

Cleveland Rage Room is that place where you, your friends, and family can reserve a room, release all your accumulated stress & scream your lungs out while you break everything in the room. Best of all, you don't have to clean it up!