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The Cleveland Rage Room, owned and operated under Rage Entertainment, LLC, seeks to create an environment that promotes that positive expression of emotions in a controlled environment. Following our motto 'Smash Therapy', we hope to provide a space that is both entertaining and therapeutically beneficial. Whether you are breaking a plate or painting a canvas, our experiences are made to help you de-stress and have fun!.

We aspire to be an influential part of Cleveland's growing and bright future. It is our hopes that Cleveland Rage Room can help bring the community together to raise awareness of mental health, collaborate with local charitable organizations, and provide a fun and entertaining venue for all.

cleveland room rage pic.jpg

Cleveland Rage Room is that place where you, your friends, and family can reserve a room, release all your accumulated stress & scream your lungs out while you break everything in the room. Best of all, you don't have to clean it up!

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